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US-7807173-B2: Influenza vaccine formulation patent, US-7992762-B2: Frictionally press-bonded member patent, US-8168916-B2: Enhanced piercing through current profiling patent, US-8234976-B2: Device and method for compressing wood patent, US-8617032-B2: Methods and apparatus for monitoring and encouraging health and fitness patent, US-7047206-B1: Automatic lead distribution and processing confirmation system and method patent, US-7067685-B2: Phosphonites, use thereof as ligand in transition metal complexes and method for production of nitriles patent, US-7330990-B2: Information processing apparatus and method, and computer-readable medium patent, US-7360607-B2: Hand-held power tool with a torque-limiting unit patent, US-7537416-B2: Riser support system for use with an offshore platform patent, US-7784953-B2: Quick-attach mirror mounting structure facilitating assembly patent, US-7836159-B2: Control of home network devices patent, US-7883330-B2: Powder compression molding machine and apparatus for continuous production of powder compression molded item using the machine patent, US-7895828-B2: Liquid reducing agent injection nozzle having novel structure patent, US-8023016-B2: Imaging device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-8070026-B2: Rotating and pivoting belt clip that can be used as a stand patent, US-8158421-B2: Cardiomyocyte differentiation patent, US-8173799-B2: Raw cotton linters composition, method of making, and uses thereof patent, US-8191951-B2: Highly-efficient barrel placement device patent, US-6920188-B1: Method and apparatus for processing a multiple-component wide dynamic range signal patent, US-6999448-B1: Internet protocol standards-based multi-media messaging patent, US-7031010-B2: Method and system for delivery of mail using processing sensor patent, US-7347353-B2: Method for connecting magnetic substance target to backing plate, and magnetic substance target patent, US-7953919-B2: Physical block addressing of electronic memory devices patent, US-7976251-B2: Indexable insert patent, US-8057661-B2: Process for removal of sulfur from components for blending of transportation fuels patent, US-8221558-B2: Dishwasher with spray apparatus patent, US-8319133-B2: Electrical switching apparatus and charging assembly therefor patent, US-8340626-B2: System and method for supporting voice call continuity for VOIP emergency calls patent, US-8385229-B2: Web based capacity management (WBCM) system patent, US-8413177-B2: Information-processing equipment patent, US-8589306-B1: Open source license management patent, US-6942348-B2: Projector device patent, US-6949612-B2: Processes for transitioning between metallocene and Ziegler-Natta polymerization catalysts patent, US-7085386-B2: System and method for secure replacement of high level cryptographic keys in a personal security device patent, US-7469960-B2: Vehicle roof comprising a roller blind system patent, US-7500417-B2: High-strength connecting rod and method of producing same patent, US-7538909-B2: Defective nozzle compensation patent, US-7577082-B2: Information recording medium patent, US-7577595-B2: Method and system of conducting electronic commerce utilizing a consolidator patent, US-7802710-B1: Nail pusher that can push nails successively patent, US-8070720-B2: Methods for incorporating a drug into an elastomeric medical device patent, US-8079590-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-8140748-B2: IT automation appliance imaging system and method patent, US-8248651-B2: Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program therefor patent, US-8266201-B2: System and method for distributing processing of a single-process application having first and second objects in a network having local and remote processes patent, US-8563072-B2: Suspension containing hydronium stabilized colloidal silicic acid nanoparticles, formulation obtained from the said diluted suspension, powder obtained from the said de-hydrated suspension, compositions obtained from the said powder, preparation and use patent, US-8610476-B1: Apparatus and methods for lock detection for semi-digital and fully-digital clock data recovery patent, US-7038495-B2: Low jitter high speed CMOS to CML clock converter patent, US-7156606-B2: Article aligning apparatus patent, US-7424641-B2: Control system and method for validating operation of the control system patent, US-7431340-B2: Restrictor/protector of passenger in vehicle patent, US-7827712-B2: Lighted signage using reflected light behind the signage patent, US-8450585-B2: Plants and seeds of corn variety CV234930 patent, US-7066361-B1: Landing net transport device patent, US-7100307-B2: Footwear to enhance natural gait patent, US-7164463-B2: Lithographic tool with dual isolation system and method for configuring the same patent, US-7233727-B2: Optical fiber and optical device using the same patent, US-7437765-B2: Sensitive display system patent, US-7494015-B2: Clear window packaging assembly and method patent, US-7519137-B2: Timing recovery in data communication circuits patent, US-7775656-B2: Image recording apparatus patent, US-7804643-B2: Reticle and use thereof for an aiming telescope patent, US-7893520-B2: Efficient interconnect structure for electrical fuse applications patent, US-8093817-B2: Method and system for lighting control patent, US-8302676-B2: Drilling, completing and stimulating a hydrocarbon production well patent, US-8365657-B2: Grinding type juice extractor patent, US-8499747-B2: Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine patent, US-8595652-B2: System status visualization method and system patent, US-6891031-B2: Coordinate cytokine regulatory sequences patent, US-7258969-B2: Silver halide emulsion, method of preparing the same, and silver halide color photographic photosensitive material and image-forming method using the emulsion patent, US-7376241-B2: Discrete fourier transform (DFT) watermark patent, US-7422847-B2: Human E3α ubiquitin ligase family patent, US-7708149-B2: System for feeding a liquid fluid through a filter patent, US-7736160-B2: Distributor connection module patent, US-7926776-B2: Bracket for mounting at least one position detecting sensor on an ultrasonic probe patent, US-8030390-B2: Rubber composition for dynamic parts patent, US-8157022-B2: Apparatus string for use in a wellbore patent, US-8160798-B2: Method and device for regulating the velocity of a vehicle patent, US-8300725-B2: Radio transmission device, radio reception device, radio transmission method, and radio reception method patent, US-8637975-B1: Semiconductor device having lead wires connecting bonding pads formed on opposite sides of a core region forming a shield area patent, US-7056410-B2: Roll-fed tape/film system for application of adhesive to various media in inkjet printing devices patent, US-7114611-B2: Methods and apparatus for improved self-checkout system patent, US-7451141-B2: Method and apparatus for restricting a fan-out search in a peer-to-peer network based on accessibility of nodes patent, US-7606799-B2: Context-adaptive content distribution to handheld devices patent, US-7876187-B2: Actuator patent, US-8086679-B2: Information processing unit, content providing server, communication relay server, information processing method, content providing method and communication relay method patent, US-8388915-B2: Basic magnesium sulfate granule having high crush strength and process for production thereof patent, US-7426317-B2: Image processing apparatus and image processing method, storage medium and computer program patent, US-7635196-B2: Solar memorial marker patent, US-7790018-B2: Methods for making higher value products from sulfur containing crude oil patent, US-7833644-B2: Electrolytic membrane patent, US-7916740-B2: Access network system, access equipment, ARP proxy method and an IP bridging forwarding method patent, US-7942640-B2: Method and apparatus for use in protecting wind turbine blades from lightning damage patent, US-8298062-B2: Gaming machine that navigates dealer in a game operation input in roulette game patent, US-8480891-B2: Filter assembly patent, US-8600197-B2: Optical control device patent, US-6908068-B2: Adapters and adapter systems for valve closure systems and valve closure assemblies patent, US-7082751-B2: Gas compressor pollution control system and method patent, US-7098608-B2: Lossless circuit for sampling of lamp voltage patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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